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    Porter Ranch Gas Leak

    Gov. Jerry Brown declares state of emergency at Porter Ranch amid massive gas leak.

    Ordering new regulations, including stepped-up inspections and safety measures, for all natural gas storage facilities in California in response to the continuing leak that has displaced thousands of people in the Porter Ranch neighborhood of Los Angeles.

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    County supervisor wants more time for Porter Ranch residents to return home after gas leak. Supervisor Mike Antonovich is to introduce a motion on Tuesday giving residents the additional time.

    Disastrously Leaking Gas Well in Porter Ranch Hasn’t Had a Safety Valve Since 1979 Apparently, it was removed in 1979 and never replaced.

    The Worst Gas Leak in California’s History Isn’t Close to Being Fixed

    While health officials say that long-term health effects are unlikely, the smell alone has caused more than 1,600 nearby families to flee already, and more than 1,700 others have applied for assistance to vacate the area as of Dec. 14 (officials have ordered the company to help relocate residents.) On Dec. 9, the FAA announced a no-fly zone for low-flying aircrafts over the area until March, presumably so that engine sparks don’t combust in the highly flammable methane.

    Odors from Porter Ranch gas leak are just doing their jobs — too well

    “It’s so noxious people have a physiologic response,” said Dr. Cyrus Rangan, director of the Los Angeles County health department’s Bureau of Toxicology and Environmental Assessment.

    LA County Supervisors Declared Local Emergency In Wake Of Porter Ranch Gas Leak

    County health officials have received reports of residents suffering from nosebleeds, dizziness, nausea and headaches that are linked to the leak.
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