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Injury Definitions

Facial Injuries

Facial injuries most commonly occur during sports or recreational activities, motor vehicle accidents, fights, and accidental falls. Facial injuries can include a wide range of injuries, from facial cuts and lacerations to more serious problems, like broken teeth and fractured facial bones. Fractures can involve the lower jaw, upper jaw, palate, cheekbones, and eye-sockets. These injuries can affect sight, and the ability to breathe, speak and swallow. The principles of treatment for facial fractures are the same as for a broken arm or leg. The parts of the bone must be lined up (reduced) and held in position long enough to permit them time to heal. When fractures are extensive, multiple incisions to expose the bones and a combination of wiring or plating techniques may be needed. Many individuals who sustain facial fractures have other medical problems such as infection. Deep facial lacerations can result in nerve and muscle damage. Facial lacerations often result in scarring and these scars may require plastic surgery to improve their appearance.

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